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About ASP

Alex Specht Productions and aspstudios.com were started by Alex Specht in 2003. ASP has been involved in many projects and worked with companies in various industries including entertainment, web and new-media, architectural / engineering and information technology.

Originally ASP started as a pre-production music studio to collaborate with artists to bring their ideas to the market. Operating out of his apartment turned recording studio in Sunnyvale ASP, Infinite Studios in Alameda, Hibiki Studios in Mountain View and Different Fur in SF, Alex Specht successfully produced, composed , arranged and played on 5 albums between 2003 and 2006. During that time, ASP worked as a mobile DJ service and provided live sound reinforcement for Audio Aerobiks production company at several night clubs and other events.

With changes in the music industry and recording technology becoming readily available to virtually any consumer, the function of the recording studio has completely changed within the past 5 years. Production music has also drastically been affected by these changes, and in 2007 ASP changed its recoding studio to a mobile rig and began to focus on live sound and on-location recording. Working with Audio Production Group (formerly Location Digital Recording), Alex Specht has been working as a A1 sound engineer for festivals and events throughout the bay area. ASP has provided the IT solutions for APG including the design and installation of a Windows server and SQL driven marketing database. ASP also provided marketing support designing and editing the direct marketing "eNews" for APG.

As a musician (keyboads / percussion) Alex Specht continues to perform throughout the Bay Area with local bands. He has performed at venues such as Yoshis SF, The San Jose Jazz Festival, The Monterery Blues Festival, Cafe Cocomo, Roccapulco, Kumbawa Jazz Center, JJ's Blues, Santana Row and for corporate company parties including those for Linked In, Intuit, Segate and Yahoo amongst others.

Alex has performed and/or recorded with professional acts such as:

  • Adrian Areas Latin Jazz Ensemble
  • Mehrana (R&B) - "Celebration" 2011
  • The Lara Price Band (Blues) - "I Got News" 2005
  • Kaweh (Rumba Flamenca)
  • Mambo Tropical Featuring Pete Escovedo (Salsa) - "Self Titled" 2005
  • Humbria (Salsa) - "This Is Humbria" 2006 (produced by ASP)
  • Diamond Chip (R&B / top 40)
  • Bandido (Latin Rock)
  • Orquesta Liberazion (Salsa)
  • Son de Cana (Salsa)
  • Bald Dread and the Raggamuffin Crew (Reggae / Dancehall) -"Inna Dancehall" 2005
  • Ceasar Miles & Dreaded Truth (Reggae)
  • Danilo Paiz (Latin Jazz)
  • Felix Amirian (Latin Jazz)
  • Salsa pa' Bailadores (Salsa)
  • JJ's Blues Club - House Band (Blues)
  • and many others

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